Intensive moisturizing care. For ideal, baby-like skin in your 20s. CLEAR TURN Babyish Precious

Recommended for
Customers who feel their skin condition declines due to changes in the seasons or their health

Feels gentle even on sensitive dry skin. For plump and hydrated baby skin.

A specially-selected botanical formula that feels light and gentle on skin. Through daily care it leads to healthy skin.


Low-irritant, additive-free* formula!

  • Allergy test CV
  • Patch test
  • Stinging test
  • Continuous 32-day use test by people prone to sensitive skin due to seasonal and health changes

(Does not guarantee that individuals will not experience allergic or skin reactions, or skin irritation.)

With 32 masks for everyday use

The sheet is made of Bemliese® for a snug fit to your skin.

This sheet will adhere closely to your face as though binding on. Hydration from the mask will penetrate quickly, leaving you hydrated until the next morning. Packed with 27mL. Bemeliese is a cupro non-woven fabric from Asahi Kasei Corporation. Registration No. F47X291