An ultra-rich gel type beauty serum An extra boost of concentrated moisture for those special occasions CLEAR TURN PREMIUM Royal Jelly Mask

Recommended for
For more precise skin cleansing using a sheet mask Recommended for controlling dryness

Recommended for use when...

  • More Moisture / Greater elasticity
  • Improved make-up hold for when you need it most
  • Speedy Special Skin care
  • Skin Maintenance
  • Relaxing Skin care Time

A beauty serum formulated with a high concentration ※ of beautifying components & ultra-rich jelly serum. PREMIUM skin care mask for special occasions

A high concentration gel type beauty serum with a deep penetrating feeling with a rich blend of carefully selected beautifying components. For hydration that goes a level deeper providing trustworthy delivery for your skin
Volume 30 g

Carefully selected beautifying components.

  • Coenzyme Q10
  • Royal jelly extract
  • Argan oil
Formulation: Coenzyme Q10 (ubiquinone), royal jelly extract, argan oil, glycerin (moisturizing agent)

For better than ever hydration

You'll notice soft, radiant skin the next day. 
3 times the concentration of hyaluronic acid ※
* Glucosamine GL formulation
CLEAR TURN PREMIUM Royal Jelly Mask (hyaluronic acid) 4 applications

For better than ever elasticity

You'll notice glowing youthful skin the next day.
3 times the high concentration collagen ※
* Hydroxyproline GL combination
Royal Jelly Mask
Royal Jelly Mask (collagen)
4 applications
※ The conventional product ingredients: GL is glycerin, argan oil is Argania spinosa kernel oil.

The enhanced moisturization clears the fine lines caused by dryness.*An all-in-one type with six actions per sheet

* Complete skin care in one specially formulated sheet. Your skin will feel energizer from the inside our※1 and bouncing with youthful elasticity.

Six actions in one:

  • Beauty serum
  • Emulsion
  • Face cream
  • Face pack
  • Eye mask
  • Lotion

Soft skin 
from sheets made with 100% plant extract

The raw material for the pulp is 100% cellulose 
(the main component of plant cell walls) 
Hygienic impurity-free sheets. 
The rich gel beauty serum※packs every corner of your skin with concentrated moisture. 
※ upper epidermis cell layer

※1 upper epidermis cell layer


Easy to use, kind to the skin.

The weakly acidic formulation does not contain mineral oil, paraben, tar-based dyes, or ethanol to provide gentle care for your skin.

  • Weak acid
  • Color free
(no artificial coloring)
  • Mineral oil free
  • Silicon free
  • UV absorber free

A soothing and subtle floral fragrance.

The soothing and subtle floral fragrance turns
your skin moisturization routine into a moment of luxury.
Citrus (bergamot, lemon)
Green (Cassis-leafing)
Floral (Rose muguet, violet)
Woody (sandalwood)
Powdery (Iris)
Musk, amber, vanilla