Moisturizing care straight after exposure to water or washing your hands; Soft, right to your fingertips Prevents chapping; Massage into wet hands, and rinse off with water.
Non-sticky Beauty serum hand cream +Anti-againg

CoenRich Medicated Extra Guard Hand Cream

Cream that contains microencapsulated, high purity coenzyme Q10, to protect the skin on your hands from water and dryness, the causes of chapping.Spreads on smooth, melding closely to the skin. Hydration effect that lasts and lasts.

Hand cream you can use straight after exposure to water or washing your hands.

Image of Hands

Hand care for when your hands feel most chapped- after exposure to water.
●Anti-aging ingredients: contains coenzyme Q10 (ubiquinone) GL.

Massage into wet hands, then rinse off with water. Envelopes your skin in a veil of hyration, right to your fingertips.
Anti-aging Toning

Leaves you smooth, not sticky, after towel-drying. Prevents chapping.

No sticky sensation as with a regular cream, so you can get on with your next task.
Gives you skin that’s silky smooth.
●Contains royal jelly extract, chamomilla recutita extract and petrolatum GL.

Easy to use! CoenRich hand cream