Concentrated serum for night For full tone and texture overnight Coenzyme Q10 hand cream

CoenRich Night Renew Hand Cream

Hand cream with microcapsules containing high-purity Coenzyme Q10 that works like a pack while you sleep for luxurious, concentrated care overnight. Creamy and thick, it gives skin great tone and texture. Even hands that seem worn and aged feel full and continuously moisturised overnight.

Anti-aging night cream formulated with beauty serum (vitamins*1) capsules

Serum capsules packed with vitamins

This rich, thick cream is formulated full of vitamin-packed beauty serum capsules.
By massaging the cream onto hands, moisture reaches deep down* into the skin.

Skin age Coenzyme Q10 (ubiquinone) Royal jelly extract Glycerin (moisturising)

A fruity floral scent that ensures a good night's rest

Top note lemon, mandarin, orange, grapefruit, peach - Middle note jasmine, rose, gardenia, neroli - End note musk, powdery note

Soothing scents for a good night's rest. The bright, fresh scents gradually turn soft and sweet over time.